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How It Works

Now Communion Is As Simple As 1, 2, 3.

1) The Celebration Cup is perfectly designed to fit your communion trays.


2) Peel back the air-tight seal  and eat the unleavened wafer.


3) Peel back the second seal and drink the juice.The plastic is left in the cup holders in the pew.





About The Celebration Cup

Whether in a church with 30 people or in a stadium with 30,000,  we are never more in touch with our Lord than when we celebrate Holy Communion.

It  is  a  practice  too  profound  to  alter.  Too  precious  to  change.  Yet  while the practice  must  remain  the  same,  the process  has  room for  improvements.  For many churches, preparing the elements,  passing the trays and cleaning up  is very time consuming.

That is why, after years of extensive research, development, and strategic alliances with churches,  manufacturers  and  suppliers  around  the  world,  the  Communion Packaging   Company   developed   the  Celebration Cup.    And  now  with   great reverence, make it available to you.


Benefits & Where To Use

Celebration Cup Key Benefits

  • No Special Preparation Required                                      
  • No Refrigeration Necessary
  • Twelve Months extended shelf life
  • Time Saved During Church Services
  • Strict Hygienic Packaging Standards
  • Allows For Communion In a Variety of Settings
  • Can Be Transported Without Spillage
  • Sized For Standard Communion Trays

Where You Can Use It...

The Celebration Cup can be used anywhere.  It has been used in the following settings: 

  -Sanctuary          -Youth Camps
  -Bible Studies      -Shut-ins
  -Youth Groups    -International settings
  -Missions            -Sunday School
  -Hospitals           -Nursing Homes
  -Prisons              -Stadium Gatherings

  -Retirement Community Centers

How To Order / Pricing

The Communion Packaging, LLC is currently selling the Celebration Cup to Christian Bookstores.  Please contact  your local bookstore for pricing and purchase.  If you are interested in purchasing your communion supplies direct, please contact:

Customer Service:
The Compak Companies, LLC
751 Cornwall Rd
Sanford, Florida 32773

Phone: (321)249-9590

Fax: (321)249-9597

Toll Free:(866) FOR-CUPS 


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